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Pembinaan Terpusat September


Program Pengembangan Karakter dan Motivasi 2018


Pekan Pengenalan Asrama - Day 3


ALL: Pengumuman seleksi tutor tahap 1
ALL: Unduh surat izin kegiatan asrama
ALL: Informasi SOP pembayaran asrama
ALL: Pemasangan doortag asrama untuk tutor dan penghuni


Topic: Wise Response Against Corruption

A Hidden Glimmer of Hope (by Syifa Hasanah) >>

First Step, is Little Step to be Better (by Eunico Victor Setiyohadi)>>
Topic: Demonstrating Simple Action for Society

The Contribution (by Robby Haryadi) >>

Society : The Laboratorium of Life (by Nike Lusiani)>>
Topic: Waste Management for a Better Environment

Love Your Earth as It Loves You (by Lita Marina Nisa) >>

The Importance of Sorting and Utilizing Waste (by Shinta Palupi)>>
Topic: The Importance of Punctual and Queue Culture

An essay on the importance of punctual and queued culture (by Nynsca Shalsabila Safitri I.P.) >>

Why Is Being Punctual Important ? (by Sendhy Susanti Diana)>>

The Culture of Queuing (by Sendhy Susanti Diana)>>


Dormitory Essay Competition >>

Kegiatan dan Artikel


The Importance of Punctual and Queue Culture

Image Source: stevejbicknell.com

Being patient and having a good respect each other are two important parameters for creating a good social living. Unfortunately, this idea was not fully implemented especially for developing country such as Indonesia. Could we create this enviroment like what have been done in developed countries for many years? find out more >>


Waste Management for a Better Environment

Image Source: greenvisits.no

In dormitory, students are treated to take care of their environment by ,for instance, sorting and recycling reusable garbages. This activity can be widely developed according to student creativity and experience. How are their responses? find out more >>


Demonstrating Simple Action for Society

Image Source: ourlife.org.uk

One of university pillars, public service and dedication, enforces colleges to create stunning actions to help improving people welfare. As a part of university, students at ITB dormitory have commenced their ideas in written context. Is that feasible and easy to be implemented? Let us check it out! find out more >>


Wise Response Against Corruption

Image Source: sevenpillarsinstitute.org

As one of the teaching programs, education for combatting corruption has been spreading in dormitory environments. The activities involved are, among others, trainings, real demos, and public propaganda. We have posted some of students view according to their perspective towards this topic. Let's have a look! find out more >>


Dormitory Essay Competition

Under four interesting topics, Dormitory with a high plessure presents you an essay competition. Due to the importance of four pilars of ITB dormitory, the essay topics are attributed to those aspects. Come and join the party! For more information, open here!


Have Fun with English Day

As part of Indonesian residence, we agree that we pride of using Indonesian as first or second language after regional language comes the first time. As part of the wold's people, we need to do the same way of using the most used language globally. Want to see more? open here!


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